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5 things to do with chicken tikka leftovers

So, the impromptu dinner you hosted when friends decided to watch the Pakistan’s cricket match at your place is over, and you’re left looking in dismay at the remaining pieces of ordered-in chicken tikka. What to do with all this meat?

Worry not, we’re here to help you upcycle it into top-quality meals, better than the original one – and no one will know the secret ingredient you used (pssst, just in case you were still in doubt, it’s left over chicken tikka!).

We present five delicious items made with shredded chicken tikka meat!

  1. Chicken salad sandwich:

Mix shredded chicken with mayo, lemon juice, paprika and salt and pepper. Use good quality artisan bread and layer the chicken salad with crunchy veggies for an all-new, delicious meal!

  1. Barbecued chicken sliders:

The younger siblings of hamburgers, barbecued chicken sliders are small in size, but big in taste!

Mix the shredded chicken with bottled barbecue sauce, water and a splash of vinegar and warm till the sauce thickens slightly. Spread over a soft bread roll, top with coleslaw and thank us with every bite!

  1. Chicken tikka pizza:

There is a reason why chicken tikka is the most popular topping at most pizzerias across the nation, and it’s so easy to make at home!

Spread the base of a prepared pizza base with store bought pizza sauce, chunks of left over chicken tikka and veggies of your choice. Sprinkle some mozzarella cheese over the pizza and bake till the base is done and top is oozing cheesy goodness!

  1. Chicken patties:

The staple item at your Daadi’s tea parties, the humble chicken patty gets a makeover with a twist!

Get some puff pastry from your neighbourhood bakery, roll into ¼” thick sheets and cut into small squares. Place a pastry square on a baking tray, top with some finely shredded chicken tikka meat and fold over. Pinch the edges together, brush the top with milk and bake in the over till puffed and golden.

  1. Nachos

One of the favourite starters at high-end restaurants is surprisingly easy to make at home!

Layer Doritos chips with shredded chicken tikka, cheddar cheese, onions, capsicum and tomatoes. Bake till the cheese melts and serve with bottled salsa and sour cream.

Top 5 places in Lahore where Desi meets Modern

Are you always hungry for desi but too burger to actually sit and eat at desi places? Are you a huge karahi fan but you don’t like going to the Food Street? Is the ambiance at desi restaurants something that puts you off?

If yes, then you need a blend of both desi and modern in your life! Here are the top 5 places in Lahore where desi meets modern (we believe that these are perfect for you!):

  1. Spice Bazaar

A Pakistani Restaurant in a modern setting, Spice Bazaar is one of the top-rated desi places to go in Lahore. From karahi to handi to kebabs, it is all about desi food.

At Spice Bazaar, you get to choose from a large menu filled with authentic and mouth-watering desi delicacies.

This place gets admired for the service that it offers! The waiters are extremely friendly and are always ready to help you out. They have a reasonable waiting time and the food arrives with an excellent presentation. It has a sophisticated ambiance with outdoor and indoor sitting areas.

Their super hi-tea is extremely popular. It has a nice variety of desi dishes combined with yummy appetizers and BBQ items.

Their Gulab Jammans, Ras Malai and Faloda are to die for! Chashni, their sister branch, sells some of the most delicious mithais available in Lahore.

As a cherry on top, Spice Bazaar is reasonably priced and is perfect if you are on a budget. Do give them a visit and don’t forget to ask them for Gajras (don’t worry, you get them for free!)

  1. Maro Tandoors

Maro Tandoors is a joint venture of a few engineering students. They have started off small but with high aims. In just a matter of few years, they have become well-known for their creative naans!

The place, as the name suggests, sell naans. Mind you – these naans are not the traditional ones that you will find at your local tandoor waala; these are everything you don’t expect a naan to be.

From Nutella naan to pizza naan, they have put together the two worlds of desi and modern food. They have recently started their own handis and karahis too!

If you plan on visiting them, do try their midnight munchies deal (valid from 12am to 4am) which is great for you midnight cravings!

  1. Awesamosas

Ever thought of eating a samosa burger? Yes you can! At Awesamosas, they sell everything samosas! From samosa burgers to Reese’s filled samosas, you get to enjoy some of the most peculiar yet delicious samosa flavors here!

The young duo – Daniyal and Seemi invented these not-so-traditional samosas.  Although they started with only 6 flavors on the menu, they are gradually growing and expanding their menu.

They have turned the classic samosa to a modern one. With options like Manchurian chicken and strawberry custard, there is always a samosa for everyone!

Their latest khoobsoratea has received a lot of appreciation from their customers. They have revived the chai-samosa duo and that too with a modern touch to it!

Their flagship outlet is near CSD Cavalry Lahore.  Do stop by and give them so love!

  1. What’a Paratha

Although no paratha can beat ammi k hath k parathay, yet the parathas from this place are definitely worth a try.

We are talking about the new sensation in town – What’aParatha! It has the most unique range of parathas including cinnamon butter and pepperoni cheese paratha.

For all the “I cannot eat paratha because it’s too oily” people out there, the parathas you get here are not the same as the traditional ones that are dripping in oil.

These are refined and mouth-watering parathas with a modern touch to them! Don’t worry if you cannot make it to their outlet, they deliver to countless areas in Lahore.

  1. Bombay Chowpatty

Finally we have Desi Zara Hatt Ke!  If you are looking for a place where you can find all sorts of desi food – from channa chats to dosas to chicken tikkas, then Bombay Chowpatty is the place to go.

It is a Pakistani Restaurant with a modern setting and loads of desi dishes. Located off M M Alam Road, their outdoor seating area will make you fall in love! The interior is sophisticated and designed with an eye for detail.

Bombay’s Hi-tea buffet is a must try! Gulab Jammans and Ras Malai are considered to be their specialty as well. The place is also known for its raj kachoris and pappri chats!

Our post already got you hungry for desi? No worries! We would suggest you to pick a place and have a fun filled gathering with your friends and family members!

Reasons why everyone loves Mangoes!

With Mangoes in season everyone is going crazy about them. With its exquisite taste comes a lot of health benefits which can really aid you getting through the summery, sunny days!

They’re high in fiber!

Fiber keeps are stomach full so we won’t eat to much and it also helps give us more sustainable energy.

Controls your blood pressure!

Mangoes are rich in vitamins and assure overall good health. They will help control your blood pressure.

Helps in digestion

Mangoes contain an enzyme that breaks down protein the fruit also helps in digestion and is rich in pro-biotic dietary fiber.

Ensures you stay healthy

With Vitamin A, C this fruit makes sure you won’t be getting sick any time soon.

It improves your brain’s function

Mango has been shown to maintain cognitive function and maintains proper functioning of brain. It also maintains brain health after trauma.

Alkalizes the body

Mangoes help in maintaining the alkali reserve of the body meaning it keeps your body younger and healthier.

Helps against heat stroke

Due to the scorching heat of weather these days, anything that prevents a heat stroke must be done and eating mangoes is one of them.

10 foods that’ll hit the spot when you get the late night munchies!

Its late at night and even though you’ve had dinner your stomach still isn’t satisfied. You want to eat but can’t figure out what you want. Let us help you make a decision. Here are some foods that’ll definitely hit the spot for your midnight snack.

Egg sandwich

An egg sandwich with whatever you want in it is the best. My personal favourite is an egg sandwich with butter and cheese and ketchup. YUM!

French fries

You can never go wrong with fries. Add some chaat masala and you’re good to go.


Yes it’s a midnight snack and you can have whatever you want. Pancakes with syrup will be good but with ice cream you can’t go wrong.


With mangoes in season you could wake everyone up for this midnight snack and they’d thank you.

Cheese omelet

Yup the best type of omelet is a cheese one.


It’s easy to make won’t take up a lot of time and its full of flavor.

Grilled cheese sandwich

If you’re low on ingredients you can make one of the best sandwiches with just butter, cheese and bread.

Ice cream

If it’s at home then why not right?


Cold or freshly baked at home you can never go wrong with pizza.

Left overs

Hey if there are left overs at home that’ll be awesome because you’ll just need to warm it up.

Foods which complete your Roza at Iftar!

With Ramadan here everyone has their favourite traditions that they love to follow. There is however one tradition everyone follows and that is eating together as a family during Iftar. At Iftar there are certain foods without which your fast would feel incomplete. Here are some foods that have to be there at your next Iftar or your Roza will feel incomplete.


Cheese, chicken, keema or aloo whatever they may be filled with they must be at the table.


Do I really need to explain why this goodness needs to be at your table?

Fruit Chaat

For those health nuts out there who want their nutrients filled, this is the go to dish. Also fruit chaat is a staple dish at any iftari

Dhai Barey

More like Yum bharey, mix it with chaat masala or imli masala it’s great.


Your dose of protein during iftar, channa chaat will fill you up quickly so you don’t over eat.


This tastes perfect served hot and fresh, they’ll met in your mouth. Oh man, I’m already craving some.

Ras Malai

Basically a cheese cake without the crust. It’s too good not to have.

Rooh Afza

I don’t know of anyone who doesn’t have Roohafza outside of Ramadan. So you gotta have it at Iftar.


You can have a date every day in Ramadan! 😉


With whatever fruit you want, you can make yourself a nutritious stomach filling smoothie!

Eight of the best things to eat at Iftar!

Iftar is the time we break our fast and the time our bodies need nutrients and minerals that they’ve been deprived of the whole day. To replenish this here are the best things to eat at Iftar time


A good source of both minerals and vitamins, they help in digestion and are a good source of energy which you need.


These too also provide a lot of energy and contain a lot of important nutrients. They also help you feel full so you don’t overeat at iftar time.


A good source of protein, channas of any type are healthy. They’re high in fiber which ensure you won’t eat too much. Also low in fat and helps control your cholesterol


Watermelon is 98% water. It won’t only hydrate you but will fill you full of vitamins and minerals you need. It’s also very good for your heart.


A great source of protein which is easily digestible. It’s high in minerals and improves bone health and heart health while giving you a boost of energy.


Salads are healthy because of all the raw vegetables in it. They’ll replenish you of all the minerals and vitamins your body is craving.

Fruit chaat

Instead of having one fruit having a bunch of fruit will have more benefits.


Boiled and grilled fish is a great source of protein and vitamins you need. It’s also easy on the stomach

Five things you should seriously avoid at Iftar!

Iftar is the time we break our fast and it’s also the time our body needs to replenish all the nutrients and minerals that it’s lost throughout the day. Instead of eating what we need we eat what we want and what we want is usually most likely very unhealthy. Here are some foods you should definitely avoid at Iftar

Carbonated drinks

These are empty calories and carry no nutritional value. They don’t even quench your thirst and in a way leave you more dehydrated than hydrated.


Your body does not need sweets right after fasting, it needs minerals and nutrients. Not fats and sugars


This is going to be hard to resist but people should cut down on the amount of samosas they have. They may be delicious but they aren’t healthy.


Samosas may have some meat in them but pakoras are just an easy way to gain weight.


A staple must have at every Iftar is really not the best thing to have at Iftar. It’s just full of sugar which isn’t what your body needs.

Avoiding these foods will do you more good than harm. You may give into your cravings once in a while but if these foods are all you’re having at Iftar you’re going to be much heavier on Eid.

Foods That’ll Literally Keep You Cool

With summer here and with the temperatures soaring so high that people feel like they’re melting people aren’t going anywhere there aren’t A.Cs. But there are however other ways to keep cool in this scorching heat. There are certain foods that not only keep you full but can ever hydrate you and keep your body cool!

Here are some foods that will cool you down.


This delicious fruit when in season, is ideal to have in the summer. It’s 92% water and full of minerals and antioxidants and acts as an internal AC.


The saying “cool as a cucumber” has some truth to it. Cucumbers are also a great way to stay hydrated. It’ll also clean out your digestive tract and flush out toxins.

Coconut water

Coconuts hydrate you better than water. They’re full of electrolytes and essential minerals. They also contain anti-aging properties.

Green vegetables

Green vegetables are good to have all year round but during extreme heat they have enough water content to keep you hydrated and cool.


This may surprise people but bananas will not only give you a burst of energy but will also keep your body cool. They allow your body to absorb more water which in turn keeps you cool.


They may make your breath smell but they can save you from a sunstroke. Onions have amazing cooling properties.

Lime water

Lime water otherwise known as Niboo pani is not only refreshing but has quite a host of health benefits.


Yogurt can be made into a raita mixed with some mint leaves or can be drunk with milk as lassi. It doesn’t matter how you take it as long as you do during the hot months.

10 Hydrating Drinks & Their Benefits

Many people don’t drink enough water especially during summer a lot of people become dehydrated without even realizing it. Water is definitely the way to go if you are feeling thirsty.

But there are other drinks out that that will keep you hydrated as well:


Be it meethi or salty Lassi hydrates the body, keeps it cool internally and is a natural remedy for digestive issues.

Sugar cane juice

If you’re looking for a drink that’ll give you energy you’ve lost during the day, have sugar cane juice. It will also boost your body’s immune system too!

Coconut water

Not only is this the essential drink for athletes it also contain essential electrolytes you need to refresh the body during summer.

Green tea

Tea will hydrate you the same as water will except green tea has the added benefit of providing you with antioxidants and it’ll increase your metabolism.


When life gives you lemons get the added benefits of lemonade! A refreshing summer drink that’ll keep your skin healthy, maintain blood pressure and give you some vitamin C.

Protein shake

Yup, it isn’t just for body builders anyone can have it even with water. The protein isn’t only good for your muscles, it’s also good for your hair and it encourages fat loss.

Sports drinks

They will hydrate you, provide you with electrolytes and will prevent muscle cramps.


Milk will help you retain fluids in your body and is more effective in countering dehydration. It’s great for your bones too.

Fresh juices

Fruits and vegetables both contain a lot of water content. Making them into a juice will be beneficial for you as they also contain a lot of vitamins and minerals.


Make one of your favourite fruits into a nutrionally packed smoothie. Smoothies contain a lot of fiber and will keep you full after you drink it.

10 Must-have Snacks with Chai

Everyone loves chai. It can be enjoyed at any time of the day. There are, however, certain ways to enhance your chai drinking experience and that is by adding snacks. Here are some must have snacks to try with chai:


Obviously this had to be on the list. You can never go wrong with biscuits and chai!


Be they cheese, keema or aloo; they’ll all taste even better with chai.


They go together like butter and toast! Speaking of…

Buttered Toast

If you can get some buttered toast sprinkled with some sugar you’re going to have a great time with your chai


The original breakfast menu!


It’s not soft like bread and not hard like a biscuit… it’s somewhere in the middle and perfectly delicious!

Plain Cake

You know those yellow cakes which taste like they were made to be had with tea

Namak Paray

Sweet tea with salty namak paray… YUM!

Gajar ka Halwa

A delicious sweet dish that’ll make tea time even better~

Naan Khatai

If you haven’t had naan khatai with your tea you’re missing out!

8 Dishes That Will Definitely Impress Your Mother-in-Law

Having your in-laws over can be a real stressful time, especially if you’re a woman. Not only will your house be judged but you will too and your cooking will be scrutinized as well! If your in-laws are coming over and you’re worried about ways to impress them then look no further. If you make these dishes you’re sure to impress your mother in law and keep her happy and give her no reason to complain about you.

Here are eight dishes that will definitely impress your mother in law:


There’s no denying every ones love for biryani. If you’re sure to make your in-laws biryani there is no chance they’ll have anything negative to say about you. Don’t forget the raita to go with the biryani too

Palak paneer

Just in case your mother in law is a vegetarian and doesn’t eat meat this mouthwatering dish is sure to leave her wanting more daughter in laws like you


Not only is this Garfield’s favorite dish it will also be your mother in laws too! As long as you blend the perfect mixture of cheese, pasta and meat you’re set


Cooked over night to perfection, knowing how to prepare this dish properly means you know how to cook your meals. This will definitely be a hit in your home.


I’m sure just reading the word karhai has already got your mouth watering. Imagine how your mother in law will feel when she takes a bite and falls in love with your cooking.


No one can go wrong with pizza. With an adequate amount of mozzarella your mother will show you the same adequate amount of love you truly deserve!


You can make your mother in law be sweet to you by making this sweet dish that’ll surely make her taste buds scream with joy!

Ras malai

Need I say more? Ras malai is a devishly sweet dish which could be described as a rich cheese cake without a crust. Who wouldn’t be impressed with that?

Food to Fill and Cheer You Up!

Ever felt blue for no reason at all? Just had one of those days where nothing seems to go right and nothing goes your way? Research has shown that your diet can affect your mood and how you feel throughout the day. At times, when we are feeling down, junk foods may seem like the best comfort food at the time but there are certain foods which do actually cheer you up and make you happy.

1.  Bananas

Eating bananas will not only make your skin glow but it’ll also put you in a great mood. Bananas are rich in potassium, magnesium and vitamin B-6. Vitamin b-6 is essential for making serotonin and dopamine both of which are happy hormones which combat depression.

2.  Spinach

Popeye’s favorite food is rich in folate. Studies have found that people who are prone to depression have low levels of folate in them. Low levels of folate reduce the amount of serotonin and dopamine produced in the brain.

3.  Fish

Full of protein, omega-3 fatty acids and Vitamin D which have shown to increase feel-good chemicals in the brain. A study found that people who eat fish were less likely to become depressed or feel bad about themselves.

4.  Walnuts

Walnuts keep your heart healthy and also keep our minds sharp. They contain Omega-3 fatty acids which helps our brain function and lessens the effects of depression.

5.  Turkey

Generally lean meats help in fighting depression but turkey is the best, due to its high content of tryptophan which stimulates serotonin production which in turn makes you happier.

So the next time you’re feeling down and don’t understand why, maybe check your diet. You’d be surprised how what you eat can affect you.

10 Tasty & Slimming Foods

It’s no secret that everyone dreams to eat as much as they can without gaining weight. If you’re trying to lose weight or want to make the switch to healthier eating habits, here are some items which not only help in weight loss but they taste great as well!


Made full of chickpeas and can be eaten with vegetables, this Mediterranean dish is not only low in calories and high in protein but it also fills you up, keeping you full for longer.

Scrambled eggs

Eggs is every body-builder’s staple food because of their high protein content. It should also be yours too because these too are low in calories and keep you full for a long time.

Lentils (Daal)

Yes, daal is one of the most unknown healthy foods you can have (without rice, of course). Daal is high in fibre and protein. It’s a healthy food that will keep you from gaining weight and it tastes splendid!


Spinach is low in calories and high in nutrients. You can have spinach with lean chicken or just by itself and you’ll notice a change in your health and your waist.

Whey protein

Yes, this may seem odd but protein powder does taste great! It’s high in protein, keeps you full and has an essential amino acid that promotes lean muscle and fat loss. Whey protein comes in many delicious flavours too!

Peanut butter

Peanut butter may contain fat but there is a difference between unhealthy and healthy fats. Peanut butter contains the latter. It satisfies cravings and can even be used in smoothier and eaten on brown bread!


When they’re in season this magical fruit is rich in minerals and vitamins. It’s also a natural diuretic which will help you stay slimmer.


Fish like salmon and tuna are an excellent source of Omega-3 fatty acids. These fatty acids help make your metabolism more efficient by burning fat.


You can have channas with vegetables as a healthy snack. They’re high in fibre and good source of protein.


Full of healthy fats and omega-3 fatty acids nuts of all kinds will help you lose weight and keep you full.

7 Reasons Why Biryani is Love

Though Biryani did originiate in Persia. There isn’t a single Pakistani or actually a person who doesn’t love biryani. If you don’t love biryani you probably haven’t had good biryani or the right kind of biryani yet!

Here are some reasons why biryani is love:

  1. There isn’t just one type of biryani
  1. Yup! There’s chicken biryani, beef biryani, prawn biryani, Hyderabadi biryani, Sindhi biryani the list just goes on and on. You’re doing yourself a disservice if you haven’t tried more than three types of biryani

2. It’s a complete meal

You’ve got your spices, your meat, your rice and that freaking beautiful biryani smell that makes it so irresistible. Just thinking about it is making my mouth water

3. It’s the one meal you don’t mind having at any time

Can’t decide what to eat? Biryani is your answer. Don’t think you’d want it? Just order some.

4. You even have your favourite place to order biryani from

You know what I’m talking about. Any time anybody suggests biryani that place that popped into your mind is your favourite biryani place.

5. Biryani will always be there at weddings

Yes wedding are one of the most boring functions you may have to attend. But at these boring functions you will meet your one true love who will always be there… you guessed it. Biryani!

6. It can cheer you up at any time

You could be having the worst day at work, school or just having a bad day, the minute you get home and you find out there biryani for food

7. You love biryani so much it can also depress you

You know whats worse than coming home to finding out no one left biryani for you? Finding out that your siblings ate all the chicken pieces and just left the rice for you! How could they?!! Seriously!

12 Ramazan Dishes from Around the World

1.  Ramazan Kebabi (Turkey):


2. Paomo (China):


3. Qatayef (Saudi Arabia):


4. Atayef (Egypt):


5. Jellab (Syria):


6. Lavash (Azerbaijan):


7. Konafa (Middle East):


 8. Chabbakia (Morocco):


9. Aish El-Saraya (Lebanon):


10. Kabuli Pulao (Afghanistan):


11. Piyajoo (Bangladesh):


12. Shole Zard (Iran):


The 10 Best Khaana Mashups

Mixing different kinds of food together to make one heavenly combination is an art we’ve perfected after trying and testing so many khaana mashups! Here’s a round-up of ten of our favourites:

 1. Chai and Biscuit

The classic khaana mashup! Is chai-time even chai time if we don’t tip biscuits and tea?

 2. Custard and Fish Fingers

Lovers of sci-fi and fantasy will absolutely love this mashup! Dr. Who’s favourite thing to eat, and we’re slowly developing a severe liking for it too!


 3. Fruits with Spices

Fruits cut into small slices, sprinkled with namak, mirch and chaat masala – soo good! Our favourite is watermelon with kaali mirch and mangoes with lal mirch!


 4. Chips and Ice-cream

Late night munchies made soo much better with this mashup! Chips with ice-cream taste heavenly together and we cannot get enough of this combo!


 5. Cheese and Tomatoes

Cheese has to be one of the greatest blessings we have! With tomatoes it tastes exquisite! Try this khaana mashup with bread or croissants!


 6. Aam and Parathas

One of Multan’s most well-loved khaana mashups! Nothing can compare, we repeat, nothing can compare to the bliss and joy you feel when you have two of the best creations in the universe together: parathas and mangoes!

 7. Peanut Butter and Jelly

The best cure to mid-day cravings! We just can’t have enough of Peanut Butter and Jelly sandwiches!


 8. Malai and Jam Sandwich

There’s nothing quite as filling and tempting as the union of malai and jam in a sandwich!


 9. Cheese Pizza with Melted Chocolate

A hot slice of pizza, sprinkled with chocolate sauce is scrumptiously delicious!


 10. Mangoes and Dahi

Definitely our favourite khaana mashup! Mango with dahi is truly a taste of heaven!

12 Dishes Every Pakistani Should Know How to Make

Let’s face it – Pakistan has some of the best food ever! Whether you’re having Butt ki Karahi in Lahore, Sindhi Biryani in Karachi or Afghani burger in Islamabad, our food has no comparison. Here are some dishes that you absolutely must know how to make in order to sweep everyone off their feet and let them know that when it comes to food, nobody can beat Pakistanis!

1. Biryani

Ask any Pakistani (or anyone who has ever had Biryani, really) what their favourite food is and they’ll say Biryani. If you know how to make delicious Biryani it’s safe to assume that you have splendid taste

2. Roti and Chawal

Just the basics that literally go with EVERYTHING! And if you can learn how to make a perfectly round roti, that is just the right thickness, you can pretty much learn anything!

3. Chicken or Beef Qeema

Especially with aalu or mattar… Yumm!

4. Chicken Karahi

Chicken lathered in all the right spices – this is one of the most-loved dishes that us Pakistanis are blessed with!

5. Haleem

There was never a more beautiful union than that of meat and lentils brought together to give us the glorious Haleem that we love. Topped with the lawazamat such as fired onions and lemon, there is nothing better than Haleem!

6. Pakoras

Because what else will you eat to make the most of the monsoon season or the occasional showers if not pakoras?

7. Aalu Gosht

Potatoes: good. Gosht: good. Potatoes and gosht together: VERY, VERY good.

8. Gajjar ka Halwa

Very few things in life taste as heavenly as a hot serving of Gajjar ka Halwa. If you know how to make it, you can get a taste of heaven anytime you want!

9. Daal Chana

Easy to make and deliciously wonderful to taste!

10. Qourma

Meat braised with dahi, yakhni and the most wonderful combination of masalas, this list would be incomplete without Qourma!

11. Kheer

Because Eid isn’t Eid without kheer!

12. Chicken Tikka

Pieces of chicken marinated and barbecued to perfection!

10 Unexpected Things That Happen When You Start Cooking

1.  You’re prone to a lot of accidents and mishaps

From throwing the match on the burner to turn the stove on to minor cuts on your fingers, your first few experiences in the kitchen are bound to leave you plastered.

2. You discover the wonderful world of grocery stores

Aisles on aisles of different products that you didn’t even know existed; and you slowly start to learn what is where. The countless hours that Ami spent at Agha’s or Al-Fateh finally begin to make sense

3. Cookbooks and Pinterest become your best friends

You start going through different recipes and blogs online while whiling away the hours at work and keep saving recipes you see on Pinterest that you cannot wait to try

4. You start to actually understand the art of substitution

Whole eggs can be substituted for egg whites; butter can be substituted for margarine. You learn to make the best from what you have


5. You start to love the compliments you receive

And that’s one of best things about cooking! People love the food you cook and even start taking your suggestions

6. And you also start to feel bad when you think of all the times you’ve complained about food

You suddenly start appreciating all the hard work Ami used to put into making your meals and you feel guilty for all the times you complained about eating bhindi for dinner again

7. Concocting your own recipes

Chicken qeema with pasta and melted cheddar cheese is totally a thing

8. You start to understand what food item is made from which ingredients

And you even start subconsciously judging what you would add differently to make it taste better

9. You begin to eat healthy and save money

Because you’re eating out less frequently

10. And best of all, left-over food is a thing of the past!

Once you’ve gotten the hang of making mazaydaar, masalaydaar biryani, you just don’t want to settle for kal ki daal and roti