5 things to do with chicken tikka leftovers

So, the impromptu dinner you hosted when friends decided to watch the Pakistan’s cricket match at your place is over, and you’re left looking in dismay at the remaining pieces of ordered-in chicken tikka. What to do with all this meat?

Worry not, we’re here to help you upcycle it into top-quality meals, better than the original one – and no one will know the secret ingredient you used (pssst, just in case you were still in doubt, it’s left over chicken tikka!).

We present five delicious items made with shredded chicken tikka meat!

  1. Chicken salad sandwich:

Mix shredded chicken with mayo, lemon juice, paprika and salt and pepper. Use good quality artisan bread and layer the chicken salad with crunchy veggies for an all-new, delicious meal!

  1. Barbecued chicken sliders:

The younger siblings of hamburgers, barbecued chicken sliders are small in size, but big in taste!

Mix the shredded chicken with bottled barbecue sauce, water and a splash of vinegar and warm till the sauce thickens slightly. Spread over a soft bread roll, top with coleslaw and thank us with every bite!

  1. Chicken tikka pizza:

There is a reason why chicken tikka is the most popular topping at most pizzerias across the nation, and it’s so easy to make at home!

Spread the base of a prepared pizza base with store bought pizza sauce, chunks of left over chicken tikka and veggies of your choice. Sprinkle some mozzarella cheese over the pizza and bake till the base is done and top is oozing cheesy goodness!

  1. Chicken patties:

The staple item at your Daadi’s tea parties, the humble chicken patty gets a makeover with a twist!

Get some puff pastry from your neighbourhood bakery, roll into ¼” thick sheets and cut into small squares. Place a pastry square on a baking tray, top with some finely shredded chicken tikka meat and fold over. Pinch the edges together, brush the top with milk and bake in the over till puffed and golden.

  1. Nachos

One of the favourite starters at high-end restaurants is surprisingly easy to make at home!

Layer Doritos chips with shredded chicken tikka, cheddar cheese, onions, capsicum and tomatoes. Bake till the cheese melts and serve with bottled salsa and sour cream.