10 foods that’ll hit the spot when you get the late night munchies!

Its late at night and even though you’ve had dinner your stomach still isn’t satisfied. You want to eat but can’t figure out what you want. Let us help you make a decision. Here are some foods that’ll definitely hit the spot for your midnight snack.

Egg sandwich

An egg sandwich with whatever you want in it is the best. My personal favourite is an egg sandwich with butter and cheese and ketchup. YUM!

French fries

You can never go wrong with fries. Add some chaat masala and you’re good to go.


Yes it’s a midnight snack and you can have whatever you want. Pancakes with syrup will be good but with ice cream you can’t go wrong.


With mangoes in season you could wake everyone up for this midnight snack and they’d thank you.

Cheese omelet

Yup the best type of omelet is a cheese one.


It’s easy to make won’t take up a lot of time and its full of flavor.

Grilled cheese sandwich

If you’re low on ingredients you can make one of the best sandwiches with just butter, cheese and bread.

Ice cream

If it’s at home then why not right?


Cold or freshly baked at home you can never go wrong with pizza.

Left overs

Hey if there are left overs at home that’ll be awesome because you’ll just need to warm it up.