Five things you should seriously avoid at Iftar!

Iftar is the time we break our fast and it’s also the time our body needs to replenish all the nutrients and minerals that it’s lost throughout the day. Instead of eating what we need we eat what we want and what we want is usually most likely very unhealthy. Here are some foods you should definitely avoid at Iftar

Carbonated drinks

These are empty calories and carry no nutritional value. They don’t even quench your thirst and in a way leave you more dehydrated than hydrated.


Your body does not need sweets right after fasting, it needs minerals and nutrients. Not fats and sugars


This is going to be hard to resist but people should cut down on the amount of samosas they have. They may be delicious but they aren’t healthy.


Samosas may have some meat in them but pakoras are just an easy way to gain weight.


A staple must have at every Iftar is really not the best thing to have at Iftar. It’s just full of sugar which isn’t what your body needs.

Avoiding these foods will do you more good than harm. You may give into your cravings once in a while but if these foods are all you’re having at Iftar you’re going to be much heavier on Eid.