12 Dishes Every Pakistani Should Know How to Make

Let’s face it – Pakistan has some of the best food ever! Whether you’re having Butt ki Karahi in Lahore, Sindhi Biryani in Karachi or Afghani burger in Islamabad, our food has no comparison. Here are some dishes that you absolutely must know how to make in order to sweep everyone off their feet and let them know that when it comes to food, nobody can beat Pakistanis!

1. Biryani

Ask any Pakistani (or anyone who has ever had Biryani, really) what their favourite food is and they’ll say Biryani. If you know how to make delicious Biryani it’s safe to assume that you have splendid taste

2. Roti and Chawal

Just the basics that literally go with EVERYTHING! And if you can learn how to make a perfectly round roti, that is just the right thickness, you can pretty much learn anything!

3. Chicken or Beef Qeema

Especially with aalu or mattar… Yumm!

4. Chicken Karahi

Chicken lathered in all the right spices – this is one of the most-loved dishes that us Pakistanis are blessed with!

5. Haleem

There was never a more beautiful union than that of meat and lentils brought together to give us the glorious Haleem that we love. Topped with the lawazamat such as fired onions and lemon, there is nothing better than Haleem!

6. Pakoras

Because what else will you eat to make the most of the monsoon season or the occasional showers if not pakoras?

7. Aalu Gosht

Potatoes: good. Gosht: good. Potatoes and gosht together: VERY, VERY good.

8. Gajjar ka Halwa

Very few things in life taste as heavenly as a hot serving of Gajjar ka Halwa. If you know how to make it, you can get a taste of heaven anytime you want!

9. Daal Chana

Easy to make and deliciously wonderful to taste!

10. Qourma

Meat braised with dahi, yakhni and the most wonderful combination of masalas, this list would be incomplete without Qourma!

11. Kheer

Because Eid isn’t Eid without kheer!

12. Chicken Tikka

Pieces of chicken marinated and barbecued to perfection!